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Starting a dry-cleaning business can require a fair amount of capital. However, once the initial investment is made the ongoing expenses can be low. If you’re interested in starting and running a successful dry-cleaning business, here are some things to consider. Determine your niche, Conduct market research to determine the need for a commercial dry-cleaning business. If you plan to purchase an existing business, review its records to assess profitability. If you’re opening a new business, check out the competition and make sure there is sufficient demand in the area to sustain your business. Write your dry-cleaning business plan To ensure your dry-cleaning business is a success, you need a business plan. A well-thought-out plan can guide your strategy, identify risks, and help you secure funding to expand and grow your enterprise. If you are ready to let us help your business we have an amazing domain for your business: nyccleaners.nyc for lease or sale for businesses within NYC.