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Starting A Handyman Business In NYC?
Need A Handyman Website Designed In NYC?

Handyman Website Web Design

Are you always fixing things around the house? Often on-call when friends need small projects completed? Have a website designed, conduct a competitive analysis to determine what your time and expertise are worth, and turn to the friends you’ve helped before for referrals.

A handyman business is a good idea if you’ve already built a robust set of skills to help others fix up their homes. Consider specializing in what you feel well-prepared to do — for instance, if you know your way underneath a sink and water system, then you might provide sink fixing services to start, then expand your offerings once you earn more skills.

No certifications are needed to become a handyman, and there are no special education requirements. You might need, however, a license if you’re planning to undertake jobs worth more than a certain dollar amount. Some states might not require this license.


If you are ready to let us help your business we have an amazing domain for your business: nychandyman.nyc for lease or sale for businesses within NYC.