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Another New Project Completed: Yards To Lawns Landscape Company | Baltimore MD

Web Design & Digital Marketing In Baltimore MD

 Screen Shot 2022 09 20 at 10.24.20 AM

We are excited to share another completed project for a local business in Baltimore, MD.

The customers contacted us about us helping them get their local landscape company found online so that they could find new customers.  We were able to help them very quickly!  We spoke to the customers and they explained what they needed which was in line with what we usually need to do for our customers.   We got right on it!  the customers didn't have a logo version that we could us and it was outdated so we did a simple logo that was close to the logo on their shirts. 

Original Conent Logo vs New Content Logo: 

Screen Shot 2022 09 20 at 11.21.40 AM 1

Then we jumped into setting hosting for the account with Site Ground and then we went on the hunt for domains, yes plural.  We try to use 2 domains whenever possible.  We setup a top of mind domain which is easy and then an exact match domain unless we are solely branding to begin.  The name of the business is Yards To Lawns Ground Maintenance and they are a landscape company in Anne Arundel County, MD so we were able to obtain which will be the domain that the customers provide to their customers and will also be their email * which is easy.   Then we focused on the domain that we would submit to Google which ended up being as Google sees the county abbreviation the same as the full spelling.  Then we got into the website design...

Screen Shot 2022 09 20 at 10.22.56 AM


We focused on telling visitors a little about the business, its services & experience.  Then we focused on the work they have completed and what their customers are saying about them.


Screen Shot 2022 09 20 at 10.54.18 AM

Screen Shot 2022 09 20 at 10.55.04 AM



After we completed the website build we tested it to make sure that its load time was acceptable to submit to Google.  We knew that with the images added on the home page it wouldn't be an A+ but were happy with our B. 


Screen Shot 2022 09 20 at 10.59.47 AM


Now it was time to focus on the On-Page SEO of the website.  We can't tell you all that we did because then you will not need us but we made sure all was ready to go for Google.   Then we created a Google Analytics Page, and Google Web Masters Page and verified them both.   Then we created our sitemap and submitted it to Google Webmasters and submitted all links on the page.  Now we wait, usually, 1-3 days before we see that site start indexing on Google Search.  Want to confirm that your page is live?   Just type Site:Domain and you will see.  After we submit the page to Google, we want to Ping it to help it get going.  In this case we got an immediate live domain which is nice when that happens... (Even though you might not be able to see it, it's there and will show live soon.) 


Screen Shot 2022 09 20 at 11.02.28 AM


Now that we have the site live and on Google we need to get the customer's Google My Business listing done as this is the focal point when it comes to lead generation AND getting the website found on top of Google.  In our testing of local businesses interested in local lead generation a GMB listing, setup fully utilizing all options that GMB provides leads to a top 3 in local listings and organic search which means our customers are getting the call and usually the sale.  

Google My Business is a very temperamental beast.   This time we tried to create a listing through GMB Sign Up but after 2 days it was still processing even though we got an immediate verification using email but still they didn't approve for whatever reason.  This is when we had to use our own method to get listings approved and we were successful without verifying.  We got the listing live this morning in around 15 minutes.  


Screen Shot 2022 09 20 at 11.11.03 AM

Screen Shot 2022 09 20 at 11.11.26 AM


Now that we have the customer's GMB listing live its time to link this new site to some of our other sites which are in the area and in the same industry to help get it some credibility.   We have fulfilled our first phase of this project.  



Project Facts:

Time Taken To Complete: 3 Days

Price For The Above Tasks: $1,500 Development | $30 Monthly Hosting

Next Phase: SEO | Pages Added | Social

Media Monthly Fee: $250-$500 (For 3-6 Months, then it goes down unless they want to expand services or areas)